Tsunami Dream

This was given to me by a friend of mine:

I have been aware of God speaking to me in dreams for a number of years. It is with this knowledge I am prepared to relate to you the dreams that you specified. If the tsunamis were the only dreams that I had received I would be reluctant to share them as I am not sure of their significance.

Of all the tsunamis that I have dreamed, only two did I consciously at the time of the dream believe that it had spiritual significance. All the tsunamis followed similar patterns but with different intensities. I would be down at the coast and be aware of something about to happen. My gaze would then focus on the sea and notice a tsunami approaching. Their heights and power varied. The result was always the same. Give the warning and escape for your life. Never once was I overcome with the tsunami. Sometimes I was aware of a tsunami by the type of cloud cover. It was extreme heavy thunderstorm cloud and then I automatically looked for the tsunami.
The last tsunami was about three weeks ago. Again I was at the beach. We had been driving along the beach front and stopped. From somewhere I got hold of a bicycle and started riding along the promenade. I was suddenly conscious of an approaching tsunami. Small waves were already crossing the road making my progress impossible. I threw my bicycle down and used the first gate I could find and ran into what looked like a warehouse on the beach front. In this warehouse were large trees, so I climbed one and hung to its huge branches. I looked around and saw a number of people doing the same. I thought at the time that this was ridiculous as the tsunami that I saw would sweep away the whole warehouse. I called on the name of Jesus. I heard a shout from someone saying that, ”hey, the tsunami has turned into a small wave”.
The other tsunami was a few years ago. There were similar warnings, extremely dark clouds and then the appearance of the tsunami. In this particular case I had the experience of been taken up and felt the presence of Jesus.

My latest dream a few days ago was along similar lines, but not a tsunami. I was standing gazing out of a window from an upstairs room. I witnessed these enormous black clouds approaching. They were extremely low and were approaching at ground level. They were so overwhelming that one was overcome by their blackness. The result was the same. Evacuate.

In my opening paragraph I mentioned that apart from the two tsunamis I did not ever think along the lines of having spiritual significance. I thought maybe there had been something in my sub conscience that had triggered these effects.


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  1. Juliet Lawrence

    I have heard there is a web page called Cape Town Tsunami where many people have posted similar dreams /visions. I am however convinced of the Goodness of God and believe that we must just pray and He will make a Tsunami dissipate. Thank you for sharing all of your information. Much appreciated

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