The late Bob Jones 100 Year Vision

“Years ago, he gave me a hundred year prophecy.

The 1950’s revealed the power of God… William Branham, AA Allen, Oral Roberts, and Jack Coe.


  • The 1960’s revealed the Spirit of God. That’s when the baptism of the Holy Spirit began to come into denominations.
  • The 1970’s was the Word of God. That’s when really inspired teachers began to be raised up and showed us new understanding of the written Word.
  • The 1980’s began to reveal the prophets of God, people who get the inspired word of God.
  • In the 1990’s, we began to get a revelation of the government of God.
  • In the 2000’s, we got the glory of God, a lot of these gold flakes and gold teeth and everything, it’s on the verge of revealing the glory of God.
  • The 2010‘s will reveal the faith of God. It’s not having faith in God, but having the faith of God.
  • The 2020’s will reveal the rest of God. We as the body will come into a place of resting in God where God will rest in us. In this rest, the enemy will not be able to do warfare because we are resting in God and He is resting in us and He will accomplish the things He means to do in a people that is at rest. He has always wanted a people that would come into His rest, but there never has been one, but it’s on the way.

This is the reason why I posted this. I quite often lately focusing on God and and just enter into his rest. I don’t know if you are experiencing the same thing.

  • The 2030’s will reveal the family of God. There will be such a unity. If you pick on one, you pick on them all. And intercession, where if you’re picking on one, intercessors are mediating all over. They come right in. It’s a family.
  • The 2040’s will reveal the coming forth of the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom authority, Kingdom sons, sons of the Kingdom.
  • The 2050’s will reveal the sons of God. They’ll grow into where they have a light on and a likeness to the Son of God.

I saw up to 2060.


That’s as far as I saw. And the church was here. It wasn’t beat down. It was walking in the glory of God. It had the power of God on it. It had power over death. It had power over weather. It had power over everything.

We are in a time of growing. I don’t know what season it comes in there, but there will be a season in those last 30 years to where death will have no part over those that are the sons of God. There is a generation, they won’t know death and I believe these youths that are getting ready and these youths that are being prepared now and those that are not yet saved, they won’t be afraid of death because they will go everyplace in the world. They’ll take it. They won’t be able to stop them. We know in the last days, some of these, that if you take their life, they have the power to raise it up again. I was seeing that kind of resurrection power in the Church in the last days. I don’t know when it will begin, but I really felt that it will begin in the 2030s.”

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