For some time now I wanted to give a definition of faith. Faith is one of the most important aspects of being a Christian, but recently I had some new insight into faith and want to share it.

My Faith Definition
Faith is to bring a FUTURE event into the NOW as it were decided already in the PAST.

Now if I go and pray for someone that is sick. I know that : by His Wounds I was Healed.

[By the way this is a quote from Isaiah 53:5 ...and with his wounds we are healed present tense and when it is quoted in the NT 1 Peter 2:24 ...By his wounds you have been healed. its the past tense]

Important here is to notice that you don’t have to convince God to heal someone, it has been decided already. So now I don’t see it , that’s why the person is sick, then, by faith I call some future event into the NOW as it were decided already in the past.?

If I do see a healing I don’t need more faith, but if it does not happen immediately, then you require more faith, and in doing so the more your faith grows and you will see more instant healing.

Lets just look at the scripture.(Faith is calling things that are not as they were)

Rom 4:17 KJV
..before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.

Now here is where many people has it wrong, they think faith is the stuff that you need “lots of” in order to get God to move for you, and its not, actually quite the opposite. You need to know who God is and what He wants to do, or already has done.

How do you try to have faith? Faith is the substance of thinks hoped for, your hope comes from knowing Him. Faith is your spontaneous result from your relationship with God. It is the outworking of Love through knowing Him, since he first Loved you. Faith works through Love, it’s a relationship, and Faith is the spontaneous flow of my Life through knowing him. If you are trying to have faith you are revealing that you don’t. Dan Mohler




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