Hanukkah and the End Times

Here is my highlights (from part 2)  :

  • Could not have happened unless the people of God started to apostatize and compromise. They let falsehood in.  Sanctifying abominations.
  • Spirit of the Antichrist will change things that is natural to that which is unnatural.
  • Spirit of Blasphemy. It not really tolerance its just tolerance of evil. Its simply saying good is evil and evil is good.

The Maccabees :

  • Does not matter that the odds are against us.
  • We don’t wanna be politically correct.
  • They learned to become warriors.
  • It all out for God.
  • Never be discouraged.
  • Train your mind for God.
  • Carry on joyfully.
  • Be faithful and I have won.
  • God loves it when you have got to the point where you don’t think you can go on anymore, and you say “You know what: I will go on another step just for You God”, and that is usually when the breakthrough comes. (Remember joy does not stop)
  • They where the Hammers of God.


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